Tumen Border Port in Jilin

Tumen Port, situated in Jilin Province, China, is a significant inland river port located on the banks of the Tumen River. This port serves as a crucial transportation hub facilitating trade and commerce between China and neighboring countries, including North Korea and Russia.

As a key gateway for international trade in the region, Tumen Port plays a vital role in promoting economic development and regional cooperation. It handles various types of cargo, including bulk commodities, containers, and industrial goods, facilitating the flow of goods to and from landlocked areas in Jilin Province and beyond.

Tumen Port is equipped with modern facilities and infrastructure to ensure efficient cargo handling and transportation operations. It serves as a vital link in the multimodal transportation network, connecting land, river, and sea routes, thereby facilitating the movement of goods to domestic and international markets.

In addition to its commercial functions, Tumen Port also serves as a focal point for tourism and cultural exchange activities. Visitors can enjoy scenic boat tours along the Tumen River, explore nearby attractions, and experience the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Overall, Tumen Port plays a crucial role in promoting trade, economic development, and cultural exchange in Jilin Province and neighboring regions, contributing to the prosperity and growth of the local economy.