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Chinese Name: 文山壮族苗族自治州 English IPA: wenshan Location: Southeast Yunnan Population (city): 3.758 million Language: Chinese/Zhuang and Miao Ethnic Languages Zip code: Tel code: Time zone:

Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, situated in the southeastern part of Yunnan, is called as the Gate of Southeast of Yunnan. Wenshan is known as the ‘Town of Pseudo-ginseng’, abound in high-quality pseudo-ginseng. With the rich natural tourism resource and profound history culture, Wenshan enjoys the ancient land and heroic people. Ornamented by the unique and charming attractions, Wenshan is a famous and inviting destination for your travel in Yunnan. Puzhehei gives the the experience of fishing-boat man singing at sunset; Bozhushan Mountain shows you the sea of cloud; Cemetery of Martyrs in Wenshan City represents the great heroes; Bamei is the ‘Land of Idyllic Beauty’. Wenshan is worthy of the top choice for your travel in Yunnan.


Natural Landscape: Located among the green mountain and clear river, Wenshan is a favorable place for you to feel the charm of nature and leisure life, such as Puzhehei Scenic Area, Bozhushan Mountain in Wenshan.

Cultural Landscape: Wenshan is the ancient land with heroic people, enjoying many cultural and historical sites, such as Site of Paleolithic Period of Xianrendong in Xichou County and Malipo Martyrs Cemetery in Wenshan.

Ethnic Culture: With the colorful ethnic culture, there are many traditional ethnic villages, such as Bamei Village, Dongbo Yao Ethnic Town of Funing County.

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Wenshan Attractions

Traveling to Wenshan must be a amazing experience. There are so many highlights in Wenshan, such as Puzhehei Lotus Lake, a panoramic view of clear lakes and pond full of lotus, emerald mountains and enchanting karst landscape. Bamei Village is regarded as a land of idyllic beauty. Other top highlights are Laojun Mountain Forest Park, Liujing Karst Caves and Seven Star Lake.  Wenshan is also a place inhabited by eleven ethnic minorities. Therefore, celebrating the festivals altogether with local minorities in the most [...]

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Wenshan Tours

Traveling to Wenshan must be a amazing experience. There are so many highlights in Wenshan. In Wenshan City, travelers can appreciate the panoramic view of clear lakes, emerald mountains, booming flowers and enchanting karst landscape. In order to help you plan a better Wenshan travel, Yunnan Exploration offers travelers the best-quality Wenshan tours, Wenshan tour packages around Wenshan and surroundings with 3-day itinerary or above 3 days itineraries, such as 2 Days Bamei Xanadu Village Tour from Kunming by Speed-train, 3 Days Yi Ethnic Minority’s Hualian [...]

Climate & When to Go

The prefecture enjoys a plateau monsoon climate at low altitude having distributions of six climatic types, ranging from the north subtropical zone to the middle temperate zone. It has clear dry and humid seasons. May to October is the rainy season gathering over eighty percent of wenshan's rainfall throughout the year. Most of the region has a favorable climate without winter chilliness and summer heat. Average temperatures in January and July are respectively 6.5-13.5C (43.7-56.3F) and 17-28.5C (62.6-83.3F). The best time to [...]

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Lying in the southeast of Yunnan Province, Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture neighbors Baise in the Guangxi Province. It is bounded on the south by Burma. Wenshan City, the government seat of the prefecture is about 310 kilometers (193 miles) from Kunming. It is convenient for travelers to transfer to Kunming or other place. How to Get in  1.Plane Puzhehei Airport The Puzhehei Airport of Wenshan is located in Yanshan County. It is a national lateral airport. The tourists can arrive in [...]

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Festivals and Activities

The featured festivals are the essential parts of culture, which represent their traditional rites, custom, costume, food and so on. If you want to know more about local folk culture, festival should be in your plan. Wenshan offers the traditional festivals of Zhuang, Miao and Yao etc.. Here are main festivals of Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture. Spring Festival of Zhuang People 春节 In New Year’ Eve, Zhuang people will take copper drum, clean it and have the sacrifice ceremony. On the [...]

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Travel Tips

Where to Stay Fenghuang Jinjiang Hotel in Wenshan 文山凤凰锦江酒店 Huaxi Hotel in Wenshan 文山华锡酒店 Yeshe U House Lake-view Boutique Hotel of Puzhehei in Wenshan 普者黑野舍U House湖景精品客栈 What to Visit Puzhehei Scenic Area Bamei Village Dulong Border Fair Babao Scenic Area Laojunshan Scenic Spot Yuxian Lake Xihua Park Best Time to Visit April to September. Wenshan enjoys booming lotus and charming scenery. Dressing Tips The best time to visit Wenshan is from April to September, but it rains a  lot. You dear should take the umbrella and coats. Useful Number Tourist Complaints: 0876-2151632 Weather Forecast: 121 Zip Code Inquiry: 184 Fire: 119 Police: 110 Ambulance: [...]

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Useful Maps

 Map is an important tool in travel which can help us find the destinations easily. If you meet a new place, map should be with you. Yunnan exploration offers some maps for you dear to make the travel in Wenshan Prefecture more convenient. You can check our detailed maps, including map of Wenshan location, map of Wenshan attractions, map of Wenshan tour routes, map of Wenshan transportation, map of Puzhehei and map of Bamei Village. [...]

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Wenshan Accommodation

Traveling Wenshan and surroundings, you can easily find many hotels. But how to choose a good one is becoming a question especially for tourists abroad. In order to avoid this situation, here we selected the most comfortable and best valued hotels for you, including Wenshan 5 star hotel, Wenshan star hotel and boutique hotel. We will book hotels for you according to your preference. English Name Chinese Name Level   Address Telephone Number Comment Fenghuang Jinjiang Hotel in Wenshan 文山凤凰锦江酒店 Five Star No.99 Fenghuang Road, Wenshan City, Wenshan Prefecture 0876-6888777 It is close to the Hualong Lake, Wenshan Museum. It [...]

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