Fenghuang County Overview

Basic Information

  • Chinese Name: 凤凰县
  • Administrative Category: County
  • Location: Southwest Corner of Xiangxi Prefecture
  • Area: 1,759.1 square kilometers
  • Population: 339,700(2018)
  • Post Code: 416200

Administrative Division

As of 2018, Fenghuang County has 13 towns and 4 townships. The People's Government of Fenghuang County is located in Tuojiang Town.

  • 13 Towns: Liaojiaqiao Town(廖家桥镇), Chatian Town(茶田镇), Laershan Town(腊尔山镇), Heku Town(禾库镇), Tuojiang Town(沱江镇), Alaying Town(阿拉营镇), Mujiangping Town(木江坪镇), Shanjiang Town(山江镇), Luochaojing Town(落潮井镇), Ganziping Town(筸子坪镇), Qiangongping Town(千工坪镇), Jixin Town(吉信镇), Xinchuang Town(新场镇)
  • 4 Townships: Shuidatian Township(水打田乡), Linfeng Township(林峰乡), Machong Township(麻冲乡), Lianglin Township(两林乡)


Located on the western margin of Hunan Province and the southern Xiangxi, Fenghuang is immediately adjacent to the eastern edge of Guizhou Province. Fenghuang is bordered to the north by Huayuan County and Jishou City, to the east by Luxi County, to the southeast by Mayang County, to the southwest and the west by Bijiang District of Tongren City and Songtao County of Guizhou. Fenghuang County covers 1,745 km2.


Fenghuang County belongs to the mid-subtropical monsoon humid climate, but the northwest Zhongshan Mountain has the nature of the northern subtropics. Due to the difference in terrain between the northwest and the southeast, the climate is diverse, which is divided into three parts-the northwest alpine region with an altitude of over 700 meters, the warmer region and the area between alpine region and warmer region. The temperature in the alpine mountainous area and the warmer area generally differs by 5-6°C, and the difference of the solar terms is about 15 days.  The climate here is classified as Cfa by the Köppen-Geiger system. The average annual temperature in Fenghuang is 16.8°C. The rainfall here averages 1,287 mm.

Best Time to Go

Fenghuang is a place with four distinct seasons. Therefore, it is suitable to visit all year round. Whenever visitors come here, they always have different experience in different seasons.

  • Spring: Everything comes back to life in Spring and it is moderate, which is the best time to visit Fenghuang. All the plants turns green and flowers are blooming.
  • Summer: It is the best time to visit Fenghuang Ancient Town and it is the peak season for visitors.
  • Autumn: It is the best time to experience the Catching Autumn Festival. Of course, it is a harvest season.
  • Winter: It is beautiful when Fenghuang Ancient Town is covered with snow.


Although there are no airports or railway stations in Fenghuang County, people can make a transfer from the nearest airport or railway stations to get to Fenghuang County. To some extent, long-distance bus is the best choice for visitors. Of course, self-driving is another choice to get to Fenghuang County. Visitors can choose the suitable method according to their requirements.

What to Do in Fenghuang

Characterized by spectacular landscapes, charming natural scenery and diverse ethnic customs, Fenghuang is an impressive region to visit. Fenghuang Ancient Town, known as one of "the most beautiful towns in China", is a place renowned for its natural beauty, long history, colorful ethnic culture and charming night scene. Miaoren Valley is a hiking heaven for tourists, featured green mountains, limpid alpine lakes where tourists can row a boat, grotesque gorge, elegant waterfalls and dam in Miao ethnic style. The Wanshou Palace, Wanshou means longevity in Chinese, located at the bank of Tuojiang River in Shawan Scenic Area, outside the East City Gate of Fenghuang. It is harmoniously integrated with the surrounding mountains and river, which reminds tourist of traditional Chinese painting. The Former Residence of Shen Congwen was listed as the key culture relic under provincial protection in 1991. Displaying the calligraphy work, manuscript and the portrait of Shen Congwen has become one of the most popular cultural landscapes of Fenghuang.  The “Southern Great Wall” is viewed as one of the “three tourist treasures(the Southern Great Wall, Fenghuang Ancient Town and Huangsiqiao Ancient Town)” in Fenghuang County. It is difficult to list all attractions in Fenghuang one by one. If you want to know detailed information about attractions in Fenghuang, you can see the introduction of attractions in the following. Of course, you can contact us for more detailed information. Therefore, come here, we can always find the right attractions for you according to your requirements. In fact, when you choose to go to Hunan, what you meet will be a dreamy trip.

Fenghuang Culture

Fenghuang, the county of Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, is not only fascinating with local culture and human landscapes, but also its colorful ethnic customs, simple folk customs, unique regional culture, such as farming, festivals, costumes, diet and daily life, weddings and funerals, architecture, language, religious beliefs, etc. constitute a rich and colorful folk customs picture for your Fenghuang Travel.


The beautiful scenery attracts many people to visit Fenghuang, so what special products are in Fenghuang? Miao Embroidery(苗族刺绣), Fenghuang Ginger Sugar(凤凰姜糖), Miao Bandhnu in Fenghuang County(凤凰苗族扎染), Miao Silver Ornament(苗族银饰), Fenghuang Cinnabar(凤凰朱砂), etc. are worth buying.


Fenghuang not only has beautiful sceneries, but also the food of Fenghuang can capture your heart and stomach quickly. Spicy, is the feature of Hunan Cuisine. What's more, the cook can skillfully prepare many dishes with a delicious taste and a beautiful presentation by adding various seasonings and adopting a wide variety of cooking techniques. When you come to Fenghuang, it is necessary to taste these dishes, such as Xuebaya(血粑鸭), Fenghuang Bean Jelly(凤凰凉粉), Tongye Baba(桐叶粑粑), Miao Sour Fish(苗族酸鱼), Overyear Smoked Preserved Meat(隔年熏腊肉), Braised Chicken with Chestnuts(板栗烧鸡).