China Traditional Villages in Zhengzhou City, Henan

Traditional villages refer to the villages with material and intangible cultural heritages, featuring high historical, cultural, scientific, artistic, social and economic values. Traditional villages carry the essence of Chinese traditional culture and are the non-renewable cultural heritage of agricultural civilization. Traditional villages embody the spirit of the Chinese nation and are the link to maintain the cultural identity of Chinese descendants. Traditional villages retain the diversity of ethnic cultures and are the foundation for the prosperity and development of ethnic cultures. However, with the rapid development of industrialization and urbanization, the decline and disappearance of traditional villages are increasingly intensified, so it is urgent to strengthen the protection and development of traditional villages. Currently, of the five batches of traditional Chinese villages announced, only 8 traditional villages in Zhengzhou are included in, and mainly disrtibuted in Dengfeng City. As follows:

  • Dajindian Old Street in Dajindian Town of Dengfeng City, Zhengzhou郑州市登封市大金店镇大金店老街
  • Baishiya Village in Xuzhuang Town of Dengfeng City, Zhengzhou郑州市登封市徐庄镇柏石崖村
  • Shidonggou Village in Gaoshan Town of Xingyang City, Zhengzhou郑州市荥阳市高山镇石洞沟村
  • Lvlou Village in Liuzhai Town of Xinmi City, Zhengzhou郑州市新密市刘寨镇吕楼村
  • Haishangqiao Village in Dayugou Town of Gongyi City, Zhengzhou郑州市巩义市大峪沟镇海上桥村
  • Yangjiamen Village of Xuantianmiao Village in Shaolin Sub-district of Dengfeng City, Zhengzhou郑州市登封市少林街道玄天庙村杨家门村
  • Yanglin Village in Xuzhuang Town of Dengfeng City, Zhengzhou郑州市登封市徐庄镇杨林村
  • Angou Village in Xuzhuang Town of Dengfeng City, Zhengzhou郑州市登封市徐庄镇安沟村